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Proofmastering offers top-notch online mastering sessions by renowned mixing and mastering engineer Morris Capaldi. Born in 2010 to provide top-quality services tailored to music labels and publishers active in the media sync field, Proofmastering is now open to producers, composers and djs looking to achieve a truly outstanding sonic quality. Proofmastering is specialized in: EDM, HOUSE, TECHNO, TRANCE, POP, ROCK, ALTERNATIVE POP, TRAILER MUSIC.

Online Mastering

  • mla2_ang_l2Super High-End quality at affordable prices.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Years of experience.
  • Professional and friendly clients service.

We offer a Mix-check free of charge when you book your mastering session. Upload your track and we’ll send a preview back to you for approval.


Worldclass Mastering Equipment

Our studio is based around some of the world’s best analog mastering equipment by brands like Maselec, Avalon, Prism Sound, and the best digital plugins.
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