With Proofmastering ordering is made easy

  1. Send us an email to order mastering (please, include the following invoice details with all
    enquiries; Company name/Name, Address, EU VAT number, if you have one).

  2. If you wish a free mix-check attach an Mp3 (Max 9 mb) to your email or send a link
    to your premaster (make sure it is labelled with the full artist name and track title).
  3. Upload your track(s) (Wav or Aiff file) using WeTranfer or other comparable service. (use our address: info@proofmastering.com)
  4. You’ll receive a download link to the preview of your mastered track(s) for approval.
  5. Upon approval you’ll receive an invoice.
  6. After your payment is received, you’ll be provided with a download link to the mastered track(s).


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