Procedure for stem creation

Example of the basic stem session:

0.(Name Your Song) Full Mix.wav
1.(Name Your Song) Kick.wav
2.(Name Your Song) Drums.wav

3.(Name Your Song) Bass.wav
4.(Name Your Song) Synths.wav
5.(Name Your Song) Vocals.wav
6.(Name Your Song) FX.wav

  1. Create your final stereo mix without plugins on the master output (Full Mix).
  2. If there are any “mastering plugins” on the master output you can leave these on and create a second stereo mix file (Full Mix 2plugs)
  3. To create a stem (es: Kick): mute all tracks except the kick, Record/Bounce/Mixdown the Kick with all related effects (including any stereo bus  processing   (This process must be repeated for all stems) Please don’t forget all automation.
    has been left on respective tracks.
  4. After making up the stems, open a new DAW session and import these new stems. Listen to be sure you have included everything that’s in your stereo mix(Full Mix).


All files must be in stereo. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MONO TRACKS for any stems including the kick

Do NOT change the sampling rate from the original mix session! If your system is 48k, make 48k-24 bit files. If your system is 44.1k, make 44.1k-24 bit files, etc. Tracks have been bounced at the same sample rate as the original mix session.